Welcome to latpanchar

Not many have heard about this place. Because for some strange reason, Latpanchar hasn't had much tourism development. This is despite the fact that it's a beautiful mountain hamlet offering stunning views including that of Kanchenjunga, having wide range of bird & animal life as well as many different types of amazing plantations.



A Bird Watcher's Paradise

As I mentioned earlier, Latpanchar is part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary which is well known for its wide range of animals and birds. There are some 36 types of animals and over 240 species of birds which can be spotted here. Most common animals include Himalayan black bear, leopards, deer, mountain goats, monkeys, wild boars.

A Bird Watcher's Paradise!!

Walking towards and through the Cinchona plantations is a pleasure and wonderful experience. The meandering road passes through forests of sal, teak, pine and dense Cinchona.

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